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Next Generation Non Alcoholic Champagne

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One of the collection pieces of Magico Cielo, Crisantemo is, in english, the pink chrysanthemum flower. Crisantemo incorporates the emotions of passion and love that the pink chrysanthemum flower symbolizes. With both its color, and its meaning, Crisantemo, with its pink sparkle, awakens within you the most magical form of romance. This unique product brings together the wonderful flavors of the sweetest oranges, pomogranates, and peaches for your taste buds.

  • Product Name: Crisantemo
  • Aroma: Peach, Orange and Pomegranate
  • Color: Pink
  • Size: 32x11x9.5 cm
  • Volume: 75 cl

If you want to consume with alcohol, we reccommend mixing with margarita, rum, and vodka . You can arrange the amount of Crisantemo according to your own palate. If you would like to consume as a cocktail please visit our The World of Cocktails with Magico Cielo page.

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